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Debt Consolidation vs. Payday Loans

You're saddled with bills and you've probably read about each of these methods. Now it's time to determine once and for all: In order to save time and money, should you sign up for debt consolidation or apply for payday loans?

Did you know that American build up hundreds of billions of dollars in credit card debt each year? In other words, you are far from alone. It's important to pare down this figure as quickly as you can, which is why many individuals wrestle with the most effective way to do so. Is it through a debt consolidation company or the acquisition of online payday loans?

Let's take a look at each method.

Debt consolidation - The typical household possesses multiple credit cards, while also facing car payments, mortgages, maybe student loans or medical expenses. There are MANY creditors demanding money each month. It can become overwhelming and no one wins if you can't afford to mkae any payments on these bills

Therefore, a financial service can enact a credit card debt consolidation solution on behalf of its clients. The result? Such a provider collects one payment from you - sometimes at a lowered rate - and deals with creditors on its own. This allows individuals to get organized and not have to face the wrath of countless people harassing them at home over bills every month.

Payday loans - A shorter-term fix than the aforementioned technique, but still effective for many. As the name suggests, these are loans against your pay check. If you need to take care of bills before rates grow out of control, you can obtain hundreds of dollars in just a few hours - however, you really should repay the amount borrowed by your next payday or else the APR can really add up.

These are ideal for those that need to get their car fixed ASAP; or need to pay rent on time; or need to get credit card companies off their backs. Also known as cash loans or payday advances, the idea is always the same: Instant money when you require it the most.

So, which is best for you? It depends on what your long-term and short-term goals are. If you choose to go with payday loans, keep the interest rates in mind. If you fail to, in an ironic twist, you may need debt consolidation to help get you out of that quagmire!


Looking for further insight into the world of debt consolidation loans? You can apply free of charge. Good luck!

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