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Immigrant Credit Card Pilot Program Draws Attention
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Most Expensive Places To Live
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Protect Yourself When Refinancing Online
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The Dollar Coin Debuts
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Immigrant Credit Card Pilot Program Draws Attention
Bank of America (BofA) has announced the launch of a new pilot program which will issue credit cards to customers who donít have a Social Security Number or credit history. The bank, however, will require its customers to have checking accounts with the bank for at least 3 months without an overdraft.
5 Important Tax Breaks For The 2006 Tax Year
Tax refunds are often used to repay debt, as contributions to savings accounts, or as extra spending cash. You will probably apply for certain tax breaks, and we remind you of 5 of them you might have missed.
How To Prevent Identity Theft
Identity theft is usually discovered when itís too late and victims may need years to deal with its negative impacts. Therefore, prevention is probably the best way to fight it. Here are some tips on how to do this.
Most Expensive Places To Live
The cost of living depends on rent, gas, food prices, taxes, the state of local economy and other variables. Among the most expensive places to live in the US are Boston, San Jose, Washington D.C., New Haven, Californiaís Orange County, Seattle, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and San Diego, but New York beats them all.
The Dollar Coin Debuts
The United States Mint announced that it will issue a $1 coin featuring an image of Americaís first President, George Washington, on February 15, 2007. This will be the first of a series of coins honoring the nationís Presidents, to be issued in the order the Presidents served. Coins will be issued every 3 months,
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